Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway Thank You Credits

As a thank you to all those that suggested our facebook page to friends to help us reach our goal of 800 likes, we would like to offer the following store credits. Unfortunately, we can only credit those who had friends let us know who referred them. You get $1.00 per referral.

Mama V's Reviews - $1.00
D's Bows and Such - $1.00
Dibs - $3.00
Jenn Watts - $1.00
Mama's Giveaways - $5.00
Sweet Lil Mama - $5.00

Thanks for the support! We appreciate you!!

Credits can be redeemed within 6 months. Contact us at when you are ready to redeem them.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

11/13 Giveaway #26

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size of your choice

#11 (of the 20 that got it right) Terri Meier

11/13 Giveaway #25

For a Weehugger cover

#58 - Krista Myers

11/13 Giveaway #24

For $10 store credit

#4 - Jessica Barrow

11/13 Giveaway #23

For a pair of BabyLegs

#99 - Jolie Newman

11/13 Giveaway #22

For a Thirsties Duo Wrap

#23 - Amanda Miller Gonzalez

11/13 Giveaway #21

For a Bouncing Woolies dryer ball

#6 - Ashley Garrett

11/13 Giveaway #20

For a pair of BabyLegs

#103 - Becky Lamunyon

11/13 Giveaway #19

For Thirsties Fab wipes

#33 - Jessie Hamblen

11/13 Giveaway #18 (second #18 - oops)

For a pair of BabyLegs

#2 - Lindsay Patterson Kaples

11/13 Giveaway #18

For a Bouncing Woolies wool dryer ball

#49 - Maggie ODonnell Hofener

11/13 Giveaway #17

For a pair of BabyLegs

#69 - Stephanie Tindall

11/13 Giveaway #16

For a 2 oz Grandma Els diaper rash cream

#49 - Alyssa Morris

11/13 Giveaway #15

For Vulli vanilla teething rings.

#19 - Jessica Windsor Lingle

11/13 Giveaway #14

For a 2-pack of Gro-Via stay dry boosters

#3 - Alyse Lange

11/13 Giveaway #13

For an AppleCheeks stay-dry booster

#22 - Becky LaSalle

11/13 Giveaway #12

For an AppleCheeks bamboo booster

#2 - Sachi Webb

11/13 Giveaway #11

For a pair of BabyLegs

#57 - Brittani Adams

11/13 Giveaway #10

For $5.00 credit

#16 - Melissa Weir

11/13 Giveaway #9

For a $4.50 credit

#18 - Courtney Anne Ramos-Fincher

11/13 Giveaway #8

For a $4.00 credit

#26 - Sarah Trexler

11/13 Giveaway #7

For a $3.50 credit

#28 - Dana Delk White

11/13 Giveaway #6

For $3.00 credit

#26 - Lindsey Bunton Angle

11/13 Giveaway #5

For a $2.50 credit

#25 - Tiffany Williams

11/13 Giveaway #4

For a $2.00 credit

#21 - Stephanie Piantedosi

11/13 Giveaway #3

For a $1.50 credit

#14 - Tanja Carda

11/13 Giveaway #2

For a $1.00 credit

#4 - Jody Wilson Wiltsey

11/13 Giveaway #1

For a $.50 credit

#11 - Brittaney Lynn Harvey

Friday, November 12, 2010

11/12 Giveaway #14

For a sample of EcoNuts laundry soap...what size does the BG 4.0 fit?

#7 Alisha Lesage - "8-35 lbs"

11/12 Giveaway #13

For a $5 credit. How long were you in labor?

#28 - Terri Meier - 2 hours! Currently pregnant so I hope this one goes well like the first :)

11/12 Giveaway #12

What's your favorite diaper or what brand should we carry? - For a Thirsties hemp insert.

#13 - Rhiannon Roblyer Abla - "I've never tried them, but would love to."

11/12 Giveaway #11

For a $2 credit. What's your favorite band/singer?

#19 Mary Hawley Dirig "Rascal Flatts"

11/12 Giveaway #10

What was your child's first words? For a snappi of your choice.

#13 Jill Parrish Nguyen "bub" - When you contact us, let us know what color you want.

11/12 Giveaway #9

Who wants a $2 credit?

#14 Keri Bedke

11/12 Giveaway #8

What is your favorite diaper? for a pair of BabyLegs.

#9 Susan Thompson..."BumGenius 4.0" Let us know what gender colors you prefer when you contact us.

11/12 Giveaway #7

Where is The Changing Table located? For Imse Vimse flannel wipes.

#12 Brittany Ward..."Technically Edmond but OKC"

11/12 Giveaway #6

Who wants a pair of BabyLegs?

#25 Destiny Dice "Would like to try them." Let us know if you prefer boy or girl colors.

11/12 Giveaway #5

What is Kristina's son's name? For $1 credit.

#4 Sachi Webb "Max"

11/12 Giveaway #4

What's Elizabeth's daughter's name? For $1 credit.

#9...Jenn Watts "Paige and Ella"

11/12 Giveaway #3

The totally unfair Happy Heiny snap question. For a pair of BabyLegs...

#12 Keri Bedke...let us know if you would like a boy or girl print.

11/12 Giveaway #2

What colors/styles does the BG artist series come in?

For $1 store credit...#16 Rebecca Chesser Parker. "5"

Nov 12 Giveaway #1

Why did Elizabeth have to go to the doctor?

Winners of Eco Nuts trial size are #15 - Jinny Marie Johnston "um...pregnant" and #7 Samantha Hally "She needed to take her barbie for a check up!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Facebook Giveaway Rules

In order to comply with Facebook Guidelines, the following rules apply to giveaways sponsored entirely by The Changing Table.

The Changing Table Giveaway Rules:
  1. The giveaways will be administered on this blog.

  2. "Fans" of The Changing Table will be eligible to win giveaways.

  3. Winners must be notified through this blog. Winners are responsible for contacting us at within 7 days of winning, with the exception of credits which must be redeemed within 6 months (see below.)

  4. Although we cannot condition entry to the giveaway upon a user making posts or commenting, we highly encourage those interested in winning the giveaway to play along. It makes it so much more fun and so much more rewarding when the winner has been playing.

  5. No purchase is necessary to enter a giveaway.

  6. You must be 18 years of age to enter any of our giveaways and be a resident of the United States.

  7. You must be willing to give us your full name, address, and phone number if you are the winner.

  8. We select winner(s) via The winner has 7 days to respond.

We will occasionally be giving away "credits" to The Changing Table. Winners of credits are responsible for keeping track of the total credits they have won. Credits can be combined and must be used within 6 months of winning. When you are ready to redeem your credits, contact us at We will verify the balance of your credits and send you a coupon code to use online at or in either of our store locations.

Thanks for playing along, and the most important rule is to HAVE FUN!

~Kristina and Elizabeth

**We reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time.

November 11, 2010 Anniversary Giveaways!

Congrats to Deziray C.  You just won $10 in store credit!  Please email us at to redeem your prize.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Giveaways!

Who wants credits?

The winner is # 76....Amanda G.  Please contact us at to recieve your credits.

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Giveaway - Birthday Edition

And the winner is #648 (now off to count and see who that is).

And the winner is Karlene Dudley.  Karlene please contat us at and we will make arrangements to get you your new FuzziBunz perfect size.

Happy Birthday!!!

Today marks our one year anniversary!  It has been a spectacular year.  We love how our business has evolved.  There have been a few challenges, but we couldn't be happier with how well our customers respond to our business.  We enjoy watching you all grow into cloth diaper loving mommas and look forward to meeting and educating many more about the benefits of cloth.  In honor of our one year anniversary, we will offer 10% off everything in the store with the code "CELEBRATE".

Stay tuned for some exciting deals starting today and some great giveaways!