Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free FuzziBunz fitted!

Anyone who makes a purchase from The Changing Table today is eleigible to win a fuzzibunz fitted diaper.  The 5th sale of the day will win one fuzzibunz fitted diaper (XS, S or medium).  There are three ways to order, online, by phone or email us! 

We are also offering through the end of the month our fabulous $5 off $50 (5OFF50) purchase or $10 off $100 (10OFF100) purchase!

And the winner is....Jamie Crawford.  You were the 5th sale of the day!  Contact us to pick out your diaper!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Poop on Breastfed Babies Poo

A client called this week because she is having repelling issues with her cloth diapers.  We always hate to hear when people have issues with their diapers, and we try our best to help troubleshoot problems for them.   My personal motto has become to do the simplest thing first and see if it works.  The thing I hear the most often from new cloth diaper moms is they tend to not be comfortable putting poo in the washing machine.  Before my son started solid foods, when he was exclusively breastfed, I was also hesitant to throw the diapers in the washing machine without pre-rinsing until Elizabeth told me how much time I was wasting by pre-rinsing my diapers.  Breastfed poo is 100% water soluble so there is no need to rinse.  It completely washes away.  However, it is our nature as women to overdo it.  This is why so many new moms will put more than the recommended amount of soap in the washing machine.  When it comes to washing cloth diapers, the only time more is better is when it comes to water.  More is not always better when it comes to soap.  Too much soap and not enough rinsing will inevitably lead to buildup and repelling issues.  So, moms out there take head, and save yourself time and money.  (Wasted soap can get expensive).  Use the recommended amount of soap, and don’t pre-rinse those diapers by hand.  A cold rinse at the beginning of the washing machine cycle is all you need!  Let the washing machine do the work. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apple Cheeks Giveaway Winner

Congrats Alyssa Morris you won the Orange Apple Cheeks!  Go Pokes! picked #18  Email us at to make arangements to get your prize!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The truth about one-size diapers and newborns

I recall an evening when I was in full bloom (AKA 7 months pregnant and getting close to the size of a bus, as my aunt put it). I was so excited to show off my new one-size diapers (brand not to be disclosed) that I ran (as fast as any pregnant lady runs) to my neighbor’s house with my beautiful new fluff in hand. Not only was I met with negativity about my new diaper, but the reality of them actually not fitting my newborn really set in. My friend graciously (insert eye roll here) brought out a disposable size 3 (her one-year-old’s diaper). To my disappointment, my one-size diaper, even at the smallest setting, dwarfed this itty bitty diaper. How would my brand new baby ever fit into it? I tried to not show my disappointment. My friend seemed all too proud to disprove my ridiculous cloth diapering notions. Later that evening, I started researching newborn diapers. I ended up purchasing a few extra small fitted diapers and borrowing the rest. It amazed me that diapers I could, at most, only use for a few months cost as much as a diaper that was supposed to last years. Alas, the itty bitty extra small diapers did the trick and my little one eventually grew into his one-size diapers that I still love to this day.

I love one-size diapers. I think they are one of the best inventions and have really made a difference in the cloth diaper world (at least in my cloth diaper world). There are so many things I love about one-size diapers, but the adjustability and economic benefits are by far their best features. Many moms baulk at the idea that one diaper can get you from 8 pounds to 35 pounds, but I, as well as numerous other moms, have seen this happen first hand. I love that manufacturers have worked hard to produce diapers that cover almost any and all weight ranges.

I do have one point of contention with one-size diapers. It seems as though diaper companies are grossly overestimating what fits a newborn. According to various books and surveys, the average weight of a newborn baby is about 7 pounds. Now, that means there are babies much smaller and babies much bigger. I myself had a 6 pound 9 ouncer. I would consider that pretty darn close to average. My little guy just didn’t fit into my beautiful one-size diapers right away.

So, why the story about the little one-size diapers that couldn’t, you ask? It is because of that story that I wanted to offer new moms wanting to cloth an alternative to the possibility of what I had experienced. From this experience, the Newborn Trial Program was conceived (or born-whatever birth related terminology you care to go with here). I want to assure you future cloth diaper mommas out there that even the smallest babies can wear cloth. Elizabeth and I have hand-picked our favorite itty bitty diapers for your newest edition. The newborn diaper trial is an easy way to get started from day one. We want you to be able to have “your” stash of diapers to get you through the majority of your diapering journey, but “our” diapers will get you through what I consider to be the hardest age to use cloth. New babies pee and poo more often than older babies, plus they are just so tiny. Don’t worry mom and dad, those one-size diapers will fit your little one soon enough. Our estimate is that most babies fit well into a one-size diaper around 10-12 pounds. If a baby gains ½ a pound a week (what most docs recommend), that means most babies will fit into a one-size diaper somewhere around 6 – 8 weeks. This is not to say that the newborn diapers won’t fit anymore because most of them go to about 15 pounds, but this way you can absolutely start experimenting with “your” diapers and really figure out what you like.  Newborn trials go fast, and there is a wait list, so contact us today if you think you might be interested.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Diaper Dilemma

You would think after 14 months of cloth diapering I would be prepared for whatever events might occur. Well life, (and my little poop machine), never cease to amaze me. This Labor Day weekend was busy for my family. I worked diligently on the store trying to get it back in shape after the JBF sale. My husband ran around after Max and tried to get the house presentable. On top of the normal weekend to-do list, a tree fell during the last storm at my mom’s house so my dear husband had to go take care of the limbs. It was busy to say the least. While everyone we knew was at the pool or lake enjoying the last days of summer, we were working. It was a fun weekend though. It is always good to be productive plus I got to meet a new cloth diapered baby!! Congrats Maggie and Travis.

Anyway, it was time for Max to get some new reading material. A trip to Barnes and Noble was in the works. For the last few months, a wet/dry bag with one diaper and some wipes has been my weekend diaper bag. I don’t know if it is teething, or what, but my boy has really started increasing his output lately. He is usually a pretty regular kid, but this past week something was up. Before we went into the store I changed his diaper. We planned on meeting grandpa later to help him pick out a new TV, so we were counting on this diaper to last at least an hour and a half. Not ten minutes into our book search, there were grunts…a red face…and then the inevitable poop. Oh no! I am just flabbergasted. Why did he wait to poop until I changed his diaper? It never fails. We packed up our poop machine (me feeling horrible for not having another diaper); I looked up at my husband and asked, “Should we do the unthinkable?” (If you don’t know what unthinkable is, the lady that sells and promotes the use of cloth would consider using a disposable herself unthinkable unless it is completely necessary.) He doesn’t even blink an eye or allow a thought to cross his head; a simple, gentle “No” is all he says. We called it a day and headed back to the house. So, with our three new books (off the bargain shelf), we headed home; disappointed, unprepared and embarrassed that I considered buying a disposable diaper.

The moral to this story: take more than one diaper on any trip. From here on out, I will keep a secret stash in my car… just in case.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Special!

We love our customers so much that we want to offer you something special this labor day.  For three days only (starting tomorrow morning) you can take $5 off a $50 order or $10 off $100 order.  Use the code 5OFF50 or 10OFF100 at checkout!  Thanks to all of our fans!  Have a safe and happy labor day!

~Kristina & Elizabeth

Do we have a store?

We are often asked if we have a store. This is a very legitimate question as there are some inaccurate descriptions of our business floating around the metro. We definitely don't want to confuse people. Kristina and I began this business last fall because, at that time, there were not many options locally. We both had to go through a lot of trial and error before we found diapers we loved, and we wanted to make it easier and more accessible for other moms. We both work full-time jobs and had every intention of opening a B&M when we first made plans. However, we decided it would be more beneficial for us to be an untraditional store so that we could meet the needs of both moms who work hard at home and moms who work hard outside the home. (As a side note, there’s no such thing as a mom who doesn’t work hard.) We wanted to be open hours that would work for everyone. We wanted to be able to have cloth diaper trial programs available to help parents make informed decisions about cloth. We wanted to be able to have special promotions and giveaways. We are able to do this because we have alleviated some of the overhead that is associated with traditional B & Ms.

The Changing Table is located in the front of Kristina's home. It is in an office space dedicated to only our store items. We have shelves full of products for people to come and shop. Everything is displayed as it would be if you were to shop at any other cloth diaper store. For those that are familiar with the former Integrity Diapers in Norman, we are set up like Nikki was, but we do have more inventory than she did. We have untraditional store hours (are open evenings and weekends) and do ask that you call before you come. We are always available by phone, email, or through website comments anytime during the day or evening business hours. This is not a hobby; this is a passion. We are always available to our clients.

Because we are located in north OKC (and yes, it’s an Edmond postal code, but we are actually in OKC and pay OKC sales tax), we offer deliveries and local pick-up around the metro. We have a lot of customers that live south, so this is convenient for them. In addition to that, we do have cloth diaper classes, a web business, and attend local events like the JBF sale and Baby Expo.

I guess the question to ask is what constitutes a storefront? Is it only paying for a lease or does a mortgage count? Is it having a place where people can come see the product, touch it, ask questions and learn about the product? Then, yes, we do have a store.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I failed Prefolds, but they didn’t fail me…simple and affordable (yet small and durable)

There is a lot more prefold love in OKC than we ever expected! Neither Elizabeth nor I regularly use them. They just aren't that convenient for us. However, we own some and they do get an occasional use (laundry days). I tried to develop a relationship with them, but the connection just wasn’t there for me. Maybe it was a lack of patience on my part or maybe my heart wasn’t in it. I recently talked to some moms that do love prefolds and I feel obligated to try to reconnect with this old fashioned diapering routine. There is something to be said for simple and cheap.

Last Saturday after the Cloth Diaper Crash Course, I was working on prepping the prefolds we recently purchased to add to the newborn rental program. Although the diapers in the rental program are small, we overlooked the fact that non of the diapers we are renting have umbilical cord cutouts – a serious flaw as Sarah and Shawn will tell you. When I initially saw these prefolds, I thought they were going to take some serious prepping. Eight washes later and they still looked and felt like the cardboard box they were shipped in. At this point I was totally disappointed and ready to give up on prefolds again. When compared to all my pretty pockets and fitteds, they just didn’t have the wow factor. How was I going to show these ugly plain diapers off and impress moms and dads with them? I just didn’t see it happening. Then I noticed one of my personal prefolds on the kitchen table. Call is fate. Call it divine intervention. Call it my husband is lazy and was using it as a rag in the kitchen since he never put it on our sons bum. I picked up the diaper. It was so soft, fluffy, and quilted. I wanted to rub my cheek on it. I did rub my cheek on it. It dawned on me that there are differences in DSQ prefold diapers. That is when I called Green Mountain Diaper Company.

Karen was extremely helpful and talkative about her diapers. We talked about the superior quality and the fact that she can’t make any money wholesaling them. We discussed her importing them to the US from Pakistan (they are unbleached Indian prefolds). In the end, Elizabeth and I decided that we will go ahead and carry these simple and affordable diapers for all the moms and dads that can’t afford the fancy pockets and fitteds, but still want to use cloth diapers. We are even going to add a dozen prefolds to the newborn rental program to help parents see that it isn’t as hard as it used to be.

This isn’t to say that my love has been ignited or that I will even become an avid prefold user, but I will make more of an effort and in those early weeks, with umbilical cord stumps and tiny babies, prefolds might just be the best option.


Fall Football Frenzy! AppleCheeks Promotion!

Bedlam Promotion! 10 Days only starting September 1, 2010. Win a free diaper.

Show your school colors and gear up for Football season. The Changing Table is hosting our first annual Fall Football Frenzy. We have preordered Orange Zest (OSU) and Cherry Tomato (OU) Little Bundles from AppleCheeks. We are offering these to you at 20% off. The first color (team) to sell out wins. We will give away a free diaper in the winning team's color to one lucky facebook fan. What better way to show support for your favorite team! Presale starts on September 1st and ends on September 10th. Diapers will arrive in OKC early October.

Each Little Bundle includes one AppleCheeks envelope cover and one 2 ply insert!