Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's new at The Changing Table?

So, we have had a busy winter, but the spring is slowly descending upon us and we are gearing up for what we lovingly call "baby season". This seems to be our busiest time of year. There are tons of events around town and people are slowly emerging from their homes like bears in the forest foraging for food after the last winter snow melts. Wow, that was some alliteration! Anyway, as we embark upon the spring there are a few events I want to make everyone aware of. We will be attending the 2011 Baby and Toddler Expo at the Cox Convention Center this year. The Babywearing Doula, Piper, will be there with us as well. We will be at the OKC JBF sale as we always are. We have monthly cloth diaper crash courses and now two in-home locations where you can come by to shop.

There are some new things in the store and hopefully some exciting changes in the next year. First we have expanded many of the lines of diapers we carry. Below is a list of the brands we are currently stocking. As always, if there is a diaper that you love and would like made available locally, please send us a message to We have launched a few new programs and look forward to meeting all of your cloth diapering needs in the coming months. Don't forget to check out the Referral Points Program, the 20 Day Try It Buy It program and of course our Newborn Rental or 30 Day Trials.

Apple Cheeks
Apple Cheeks Swim diapers
Best Bottoms
Blueberry Minky One Size
Blueberry Trainers
Blueberry weehuggers
bumGenius 4.0 (Velcro and snaps)
bumGenius Elementals
Cloth-eez Prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers)
Fuzzibunz One Size
Fuzzibunz One Size - Hemp
Fuzzibunz Perfect Fit
GroVia Hybrid
GroVia AIO
Happy Heiny One Size (snaps)
Happy Heiny One Size – Hemp (snaps)
Rumparooz One size (Aplix and snaps)
Rumparooz One Size Diaper Cover (Aplix and snaps)
Lil Joeys by Kanga care
Swaddlebees Econappi
Swaddlebees Original Snap Pocket Diaper (hemp)
Thirsties Duo Wrap (snaps and aplix)
Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted
Imse Vimse – Organic Trainers

Diaper Stuffin’
Apple Cheeks Bamboo inserts (2ply and 3ply)
Apple Cheeks Bamboo booster
Apple Cheeks Stay Dry booster
GroVia Organic Inserts
GroVia BioSoakers
GroVia Stay Dry booster
Happy Heiny Hemp Stuffin’
Rumparooz G-6 Hemp Inserts
Thirsties Hemp Inserts
Thirsties Stay Dry Insert
Thirsties Fab Doublers

Soaps, Detergents & cleaners
Charlie’s Soap
Charlie’s Laundry Booster
Charlie’s All-Purpose Cleaner
Rockingreen (soft, classic & hard)
Rockingreen Funk rock
Clean B Detergent (classic and hard)
Wash away Stain Soap
Bouncing Woolies dryer balls

Liners, Sprayers & Wipes
ImseVimse Diaper Liners
AppleCheeks Cloth Wipes
ImseVimse Cloth Wipes
bumGenius Diaper Sprayer
Thirsties Fab Wipes

WetBags and Pail Liners
Planet Wise
Weehugger wetbags
Rumparooz (KangaCare)

Mama and Baby Care
Baby Bits wipes solution
Clean B Cloth Wipe Concentrate
Diva Cup
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Grandma El’s Rash Remedy and Prevention
GroVia Magic Stick
Pink Daisy Bamboo Nursing Pads
Pink Daisy Feminine Pads
Thirsties Booty Luster

Teething Solutions
Amber Teething necklaces
Chan Pie Gnon Teethers
Maple Landmark wood teethers
Sophie So PURE vanilla
Sophie the Giraffe
Vulli Vanilla Teethers

Baby Wearing
Moby wraps
Dolcino Woven Wraps