Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I failed Prefolds, but they didn’t fail me…simple and affordable (yet small and durable)

There is a lot more prefold love in OKC than we ever expected! Neither Elizabeth nor I regularly use them. They just aren't that convenient for us. However, we own some and they do get an occasional use (laundry days). I tried to develop a relationship with them, but the connection just wasn’t there for me. Maybe it was a lack of patience on my part or maybe my heart wasn’t in it. I recently talked to some moms that do love prefolds and I feel obligated to try to reconnect with this old fashioned diapering routine. There is something to be said for simple and cheap.

Last Saturday after the Cloth Diaper Crash Course, I was working on prepping the prefolds we recently purchased to add to the newborn rental program. Although the diapers in the rental program are small, we overlooked the fact that non of the diapers we are renting have umbilical cord cutouts – a serious flaw as Sarah and Shawn will tell you. When I initially saw these prefolds, I thought they were going to take some serious prepping. Eight washes later and they still looked and felt like the cardboard box they were shipped in. At this point I was totally disappointed and ready to give up on prefolds again. When compared to all my pretty pockets and fitteds, they just didn’t have the wow factor. How was I going to show these ugly plain diapers off and impress moms and dads with them? I just didn’t see it happening. Then I noticed one of my personal prefolds on the kitchen table. Call is fate. Call it divine intervention. Call it my husband is lazy and was using it as a rag in the kitchen since he never put it on our sons bum. I picked up the diaper. It was so soft, fluffy, and quilted. I wanted to rub my cheek on it. I did rub my cheek on it. It dawned on me that there are differences in DSQ prefold diapers. That is when I called Green Mountain Diaper Company.

Karen was extremely helpful and talkative about her diapers. We talked about the superior quality and the fact that she can’t make any money wholesaling them. We discussed her importing them to the US from Pakistan (they are unbleached Indian prefolds). In the end, Elizabeth and I decided that we will go ahead and carry these simple and affordable diapers for all the moms and dads that can’t afford the fancy pockets and fitteds, but still want to use cloth diapers. We are even going to add a dozen prefolds to the newborn rental program to help parents see that it isn’t as hard as it used to be.

This isn’t to say that my love has been ignited or that I will even become an avid prefold user, but I will make more of an effort and in those early weeks, with umbilical cord stumps and tiny babies, prefolds might just be the best option.


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