Friday, September 10, 2010

The truth about one-size diapers and newborns

I recall an evening when I was in full bloom (AKA 7 months pregnant and getting close to the size of a bus, as my aunt put it). I was so excited to show off my new one-size diapers (brand not to be disclosed) that I ran (as fast as any pregnant lady runs) to my neighbor’s house with my beautiful new fluff in hand. Not only was I met with negativity about my new diaper, but the reality of them actually not fitting my newborn really set in. My friend graciously (insert eye roll here) brought out a disposable size 3 (her one-year-old’s diaper). To my disappointment, my one-size diaper, even at the smallest setting, dwarfed this itty bitty diaper. How would my brand new baby ever fit into it? I tried to not show my disappointment. My friend seemed all too proud to disprove my ridiculous cloth diapering notions. Later that evening, I started researching newborn diapers. I ended up purchasing a few extra small fitted diapers and borrowing the rest. It amazed me that diapers I could, at most, only use for a few months cost as much as a diaper that was supposed to last years. Alas, the itty bitty extra small diapers did the trick and my little one eventually grew into his one-size diapers that I still love to this day.

I love one-size diapers. I think they are one of the best inventions and have really made a difference in the cloth diaper world (at least in my cloth diaper world). There are so many things I love about one-size diapers, but the adjustability and economic benefits are by far their best features. Many moms baulk at the idea that one diaper can get you from 8 pounds to 35 pounds, but I, as well as numerous other moms, have seen this happen first hand. I love that manufacturers have worked hard to produce diapers that cover almost any and all weight ranges.

I do have one point of contention with one-size diapers. It seems as though diaper companies are grossly overestimating what fits a newborn. According to various books and surveys, the average weight of a newborn baby is about 7 pounds. Now, that means there are babies much smaller and babies much bigger. I myself had a 6 pound 9 ouncer. I would consider that pretty darn close to average. My little guy just didn’t fit into my beautiful one-size diapers right away.

So, why the story about the little one-size diapers that couldn’t, you ask? It is because of that story that I wanted to offer new moms wanting to cloth an alternative to the possibility of what I had experienced. From this experience, the Newborn Trial Program was conceived (or born-whatever birth related terminology you care to go with here). I want to assure you future cloth diaper mommas out there that even the smallest babies can wear cloth. Elizabeth and I have hand-picked our favorite itty bitty diapers for your newest edition. The newborn diaper trial is an easy way to get started from day one. We want you to be able to have “your” stash of diapers to get you through the majority of your diapering journey, but “our” diapers will get you through what I consider to be the hardest age to use cloth. New babies pee and poo more often than older babies, plus they are just so tiny. Don’t worry mom and dad, those one-size diapers will fit your little one soon enough. Our estimate is that most babies fit well into a one-size diaper around 10-12 pounds. If a baby gains ½ a pound a week (what most docs recommend), that means most babies will fit into a one-size diaper somewhere around 6 – 8 weeks. This is not to say that the newborn diapers won’t fit anymore because most of them go to about 15 pounds, but this way you can absolutely start experimenting with “your” diapers and really figure out what you like.  Newborn trials go fast, and there is a wait list, so contact us today if you think you might be interested.

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